A Detailed Guide On Mortal Kombat Mobile Currencies

A Detailed Guide On Mortal Kombat Currencies

Mortal Kombat Currency Guide

Mortal Kombat is an entertaining card-based game wherein you need to accumulate a squad of finest fighters and challenge other gamers for combat. The game offers hundreds of iconic gaming characters that possess unique skills. They can be either purchased from the game store or unlocked from various chests. You should research well on each character so that you do not end up wasting your precious in-game currencies on buying them. Earning gaming currency is not easy at all and you need to put in a lot of efforts to acquire them in huge quantities. Here is a detailed guide on Mortal Kombat mobile currencies that would help you in procuring various types of currencies quickly:


If you want to purchase new gaming characters or are interested in upgrading the present ones then you will require a good amount of Koins, which is the primary in-game currency. You can earn Koins by playing PVE or PVP battles, and the amount of currencies that you acquire would highly depend on the outcome of the battle. Koins can also be procured by unlocking chests, selling extra cards, logging to the game each day, and completing daily objectives. To acquire infinite amount of Koins instantly, it is advisable to use Mortal Kombat cheats, as they will let you generate currencies whenever required.


Souls are the premium currency of Mortal Kombat game that is required for buying powerful characters, refilling stamina, and much more. You can earn them in limited quantities by upgrading the existing fighters or by completing Bonus Missions, Tricky Challenges, and Towers in Battle Mode. Most of the gamers prefer purchasing Souls by using real world money as earning them in huge quantities is difficult. Depending on the amount of Souls you require, you can place an order on the game store for a vial, jar, bottle, flask, and urn of Souls. However, many gamers prefer using Mortal Kombat hack to generate unlimited amount of Souls rather than buying them from the game store by spending their hard-earned money.

Alliance Points

It is a form of currency that is used only for buying Alliance Packs, which usually consists of gaming characters (especially Silver characters) and numerous gears. Earning Alliance Points is tough as you can acquire them by selecting an ally in Battle Mode or when your character is been used by another gamer as an ally. So, it is a kind of reward that you can earn by engaging in co-operative gameplay. If you want to purchase several Alliance Packs instantly then it is better to make use of Mortal Kombat hacks for generating Alliance Points.

In short, if you make use of the various methods that are mentioned above for obtaining in-game currencies, you will be able to earn them in good quantities. Basically, earning Mortal Kombat currencies is the main goal of players and once this is sorted, then you would certainly have an enjoyable time in playing the game. So, use this wonderful guide and procure all powerful gaming characters in Mortal Kombat game.


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