Beginners Guide For Mortal Kombat Mobile Game

Mortal Kombat Mobile is an engrossing 2D fighting game in which you need to control and manage various characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise. The gaming characters that you choose have to fight with other characters that have similar skills. The more you fight, the more your characters would gain experience. This will help you in adding new characters to your list. So, are you ready to sign up for this amazing game?

Mortal Kombat Guide

Before you start playing Mortal Kombat Mobile game, you should read the below mentioned vital tips as they would help you in understanding the basics of the gameplay. Also, don’t forget to check the Glossary under Settings tab to learn about various terms that are commonly used in the game.

Mortal Kombat X mobile game tips and tricks

  • Health plays an important role in the game, so keep an eye on the health meters of each character. If any of your gaming character is getting low on health, let them take rest for sometime so that they can regenerate their health meters automatically.
  • To attack, you need to tap the screen. On the lower left of your screen, you can tap icons to unleash Special Attacks. Once you have generated enough power, you can make use of ‘Special Attacks’ tool to carry out massive damage on the opponents. Power can be generated by attacking your enemies.
  • Receive rewards each day by logging to the game daily. If you sign in on a regular basis, your rewards would get better day-by-day. Moreover, each day you should complete the objectives that are provided to you so that you can earn some more freebies. These rewards reset every 24 hours, so ensure that you always check the left column of your Home screen to know the Objectives that are still left to be done.
  • To know the various equipments that your characters possess, you need to review the Kollection on a regular basis. If there is anything missing then you should plan for an upgrade.
  • Koins and Souls are the two most important in-game currencies of Mortal Kombat. You can earn them in limited quantities by completing daily missions and playing the game consistently. Professional gamers have suggested making use of Mortal Kombat Mobile hack to generate innumerable amounts of Koins and Souls within a few seconds.
  • To add Gold Cards in your team, you should complete the challenges that are available from time-to-time. Ensure that you complete them quickly as these challenges appear only for a limited time period.
  • Gold and Diamond characters have Feats of Strength, which would let you unlock customization and permanent upgrades for your gaming characters. Therefore, whenever you acquire these cards, check out their Feats of Strength.


So, make use of the aforesaid tips as they would certainly help you to commence playing Mortal Kombat game with ease. Once you get adapted to the character controls properly, you will find the game to be one of the most entertaining and addictive fighting game in the genre. Have fun!



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