Various Interesting Game Modes Of Mortal Kombat Mobile Game

Mortal Kombat is an addictive card fighting game that has been developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. The two main currencies of the game are Souls and Koins, which can be earned easily in the beginning. So, within a few hours of playing, you can earn enough amounts of Koins to reach new stages of the game. However, the higher levels are tougher, which would push you to spend some money on buying currencies.

Mortal Kombat Game Modes

You may fritter your hard-earned cash or use hacks and cheats for generating currencies. The choice is yours! In fact, loads of currencies would even help in achieving success in the numerous game modes. Each game mode is unique and you need to understand them well so that you can successfully complete them. To make your game easier, here are some tips on playing various game modes of Mortal Kombat Mobile game.

Relic Hunt

In this game mode, you need to fight with innumerable opponents to complete a challenge.  The gaming characters that you choose as your team for Relic Hunt will not be available for other game modes other than Faction Wars. Moreover, keep in mind that once you have selected your team, you will not be able to change them after the challenge begins, so select your fighters carefully.

Challenge Mode

It is an event that is held regularly on a fixed day, which lasts for about two weeks. In this gaming mode, you need to beat 63 challenges in a span of two weeks so that you can earn amazing prizes. Each challenge consists of five challenge towers and you might come across some challenges that are repeated. It is the best game mode for unlocking challenge characters.

Quest Mode

In this interesting game mode, you have to select certain number of fighters that you would be sending on quests. When your fighters complete the quests, you will be awarded with numerous freebies. The chances of your fighter completing the quest will highly depend on its strength and gear. So, the best way to achieve success in this mode is to keep experimenting with various gears for your fighter and then upgrade them up so that they become more powerful. For upgrading your character, you will require plenty of in-game currencies and there isn’t anything better than making use of Mortal Kombat hack for generating Souls and Koins in huge amounts.

Faction Wars

In Faction Wars game mode, you have to fight with players from different parts of the world. You can make use of up to three different cards for a battle. Ensure that you choose your factions wisely for the challenge as changing them in the midst would impact your rewards and leaderboard placement. You can purchase exclusive characters as well as equipment cards from the Faction store by using Blood Rubies. At the end of the challenge, you will receive rewards for participating in this game mode. Your rewards will depend on the position you acquire in Faction’s leaderboards.

Hopefully, this post has solved most of your queries regarding game modes! Happy playing!


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